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March 29, 2010


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I like that thing behind Brooke Astor, would make a pretty summer print. I have a beauty question for you... Is it OK to look like Madonna when she was 42 if one is only 36?

Pachuco Hands

That all depends. Are you dressing like Madonna was at 42? If so, then no that is not alright. Madonna has a real shit dress sense, always has. If you are looking like her at 42 that's maybe also not right. Not because you are 6 years younger but because she started getting super botox-y in the face in the new millennium and lost any softness in her features by working out too much. The last time she looked good was 1998.

I always liked the thing Catherine Denueve said, "at a certain age you have to choose between your face and your ass." I couldn't say it any better than that.


No, no clothes, it just my bloody growing hair gives me this Music look and I trust your taste, because, believe it or not, the Catherine Denueve quote would be my first beauty advice! Birdeater would laugh her ass off, cos she quotes it as my one of my signature quotes.
Anyway, thanks for answer! I actually look much younger than my age, the problem is that this hair is turning in the most flattering look, the blond scruff in summer disco, so I need to justify it somehow, I'd rather loose a finger than resemble her, for ideological reasons.
So, before I grow my ass to fill my cheeks, I should just listen to famous advice and do whatever is necessary to look pretty, even it means cheesy hairstyle. Works for me, thanks again.

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